Thursday, April 16, 2015

Game Time ... with Unity

I kinda took an extended break to take care of some stuff in my life, but I do have some good news for anyone interested. I started working on an independent game with a writer friend of mine. Because I have gotten curious about how Unity works and its use for rapid prototyping of games, we are going to be using that to spin things up.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Python setup for the win!

Howdy everyone,
Yeah yeah, it's been forever :) Anyway, I have finally got back into Gamestone development again. I just feel like I need to get something done or I'm going to go insane (well I suppose more so than I usually am).

But I noticed that before I could start any serious development again, I had to setup the environment once more on the new system. That's things like downloading the libraries, extracting them, modifying header files, putting library files in place, etc etc. I'm sick of doing that all over again, so now I'm getting around to doing something I meant to do a while back: writing up a setup script to get Gamestone able to be compiled and such.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

From memory pools to sprites

Recently I was doing some more research on memory pool implementations and algorithms, since once I start developing for iOS and Android, I will definitely need to make sure I have optimal memory usage. At some point I might try implementing a custom one, but right now Boost.Pool is looking very good. I found this article online that talks about a couple types of memory pool allocators your classes can derive from (which use Boost.Pool internally). Looking at the sources it becomes very interesting how simple the code is.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Programming aides from the 80s!

Hola :)

So what's been going on lately? Well, pretty much the usual. Playing games, watching horror movies, and programming. Though lately, far more programming than playing games. I think it goes in cycles, where sometimes I spend a lot more time recording games, and others I get a lot done on my programming projects. For right now, I'm really trying to meet my goals with regard to the first milestone of Gamestone.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Application to Actions

Hi there again :)

I've been working pretty much daily on new updates in the background, so progress has been going great. I have the Application class integrated and working pretty well, as well as resource management and actions support. I'll talk more about resource management when the Sprite class is implemented.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Github, Visual Studio, and Premake

Hey again :)

I figured I would separate out the updates on the blog with the recent stuff I've been working on, so excuse the posts so close together.

Okay so here's some important news. Don't look at the old google code repository for any updates on the engine. I'll keep that around for now (no reason to delete it), but anything current is going to happen in the new github repo I started. I just got tired of the lack of progress in googlecode (like being able to download a zip file of the current tree). I like Subversion, but git is starting to grow on me too now that I've been using it a bit. Besides, I figured I could use a fresh start and hopefully be more social with the development process (or at least that's github is supposed to do heh)


Yeah, yeah I know. I'm just bad at updating this blog :p

Lots of things have been going on in the last few months, and I didn't have much time to devote towards Gamestone programming. But, I'm back once again. This time, I hope I have a much clearer path towards a definitive v0.1 release of the engine. I decided to scale things back a bit for one, so all object sorting/management is just done at the python script level. What it basically means is that the gamestates would have a render method in addition to what is already there, and you call the object's render methods whenever and however you want. This should simplify a lot of things with regard to the engine development.